Hypocritical censorship

bThey claim they don’t censor, but don’t dare point out something stupid that embarrasses the lemming membership. It will be gone in a flash. The entire previous page has been removed because it wasn’t going well for a few.

update: As has this post.  Like I said, sad bunch of cry babies.


Windows on Devices

So I am giving one of these Windows on Devices things a look.


I would have to say so far, pretty smooth and as expected for a very early device.  I have some ideas for projects.

One thing I wanted to do right off the bat was get the device onto my existing network.  Microsoft was kind enough to ship a USB network adapter and cable with the Galileo, so that it can run on its own little network without disturbing your existing network, but I already have somewhat of a Xduino lab (Arduinos, Netduino, and PSoCs) and an ethernet cable for the purpose, so I really did not want additional network wiring.

The short of the story is; here is the command you are looking for

netsh int set address name=”Local Area Connection” static

If you do not understand this, you probably should not mess with it to change what comes as the default.  Also be aware if and when you give the command, the correct response is for your telnet session to freeze. Again, if you do not know why, probably best to stay away.

I’d love to step by step what and why, but it really is an entire 9 week class on networking :)

Follow up:  Well I loved the speed of debugging. It felt very solid compared to other things I have been debugging lately. The second project I tried, Firmata/Cylon using Node.js failed.  I really have never done any Node.js stuff before so I am guessing the instructions made some assumptions as to the audience, and I was not aware of important steps (like npm does not even run until you manually create a directory).


So, like I always wanted to play with a FPGA.

And after spending a week with what I thought was going to be a breakthrough on the Netduino, trying to make it act like an NXT and do PID regulation of 2 motors with encoders, and incorporate Ultrasonic sensors for collision detection, I was getting nowhere.

Sure, it was probably code mistakes on my part, but I just could not get a smooth functioning PID going, and to me it seemed that is was because the velocity measurements were inconsistent. The faster I made the regulator loop, the better it got, but still not usable.

Most code I looked at used some sort of modified PID to smooth things out. Perhaps this is the fix it needs that I did not try.


But anyhow, I decided to take a break and try out a Cypress PSoC4 dev board I recently received. I went through the online video tutorials, and I am thinking this is kinda cool. I did some small variations of the presentations, and then I decided to go for it.


From scratch, no looking it up on the internet, I came up with my own Ultrasonic measurer, serial broadcasting to the PC.  Woa, very cool, and the numbers make more sense and are less noisy than anything I ever saw on the Arduino or Netduino. First try (as in first project, it took several iterations to make it work), this thing has potential. I like!



RoboNUC recap

Just to put the current status in one place;

RoboNUC is a full PC based ( I use Windows 8.1 but I’m sure Linux would be happy on it) Robot, using an Netduino (or Arduino if you prefer) to attach sensors and such.  It currently has a LIDAR attached to the main PC via regular USB and the intent is for me to learn SLAM. The PC Robot software is also running OpenCV vision processing, to locate … perhaps orange cones. Indoor or outdoor, encoded motors provide dead reckoning.  Outdoor a USB GPS can also be used.  Of course SLAM will make localization in either environment very precise.

RoboNUC was designed.


Parts were purchased for around $1000 (the LIDAR adds $400). Half the price of a very similar commercial Robot (and at least 4 times as powerful).

And laser cut by Pololu.



The software is coming along nicely. Color object detection is working, and tested running on the NUC.  50% processor utilization WITH OpenCV vision processing and all other framework elements running.


The LIDAR has been added.

RP Lidar in C# :)


Google Trusted Store

What are some of the things you can do as a Google Trusted Store?

Well, you CAN advertise inventory you do not have.

You CAN automatically add additional items that were not ordered, then discount the item that is not in stock by the price of those items.

You CAN issue a refund for only the out of stock item, at the discounted price, thereby selling items at full price that were not ordered.

You CAN claim to have offered the buyer a ‘gift’ card for his inconvenience, but never do so.

You CAN claim you have spoken to the customer, and never do so.

I will not say anything negative or positive about Newegg as a Google trusted store, only facts. You can form your own opinion.

Update: In what seemed like a perfect co-incidence, Bill Maher’s current closing monologue , addressed how 80% of the jobs in the US are ‘service’ jobs, and yet the service that is being sold is mostly ‘too big to care’.  That pretty well nails the issue on the head in my mind. The business profit model of 2014 is; how much shit can we get away with.

Newegg finally offered the promised ‘gift’ card, after again reporting them to Google. The card may only be spent with them, and within 90 days.  Obviously by spending only with them, it’s true value is considerably less than the face value. It was $25, which is also the price of the SD card they added to the order and billed me for.  Bottom line is I still did NOT get all of my money back, and that does not include money I spent at Newegg and elsewhere for accessories for an item I will not receive (over $300).

Followup: Other items from this order never even showed up, although I was billed and paid for them. This has to be one of the biggest vendor ripoffs I have ever experienced and I will not order anything from newegg in the future.  In fact even seeing a store labeled ‘google trusted store’ may be reason to go elsewhere.

Robotics, hahaha